Become a Beta Reader

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Beta Reader for me. If you've never been a Beta Reader before, please visit the FAQs to become more familiar with what is expected of a Beta Reader.

On to the more relevant stuff:

Latest Book: Omega Noir

Target Market: Teens, Adults

Genre: Fantasy, Magic

Synopsis: Dani grew on the streets of New York, learning to survive with her fellow orphans, until a massacre happens by an old member. After seeing her friends slaughtered, she is recruited by a strange purple-haired girl, who wisks her away to an odd place - a place where magic is common. Learning her new ability of magic is a bit of a change from her previous lifestyle, especially since things work differently from any of the stories or movies that she had seen. There are levels, forbidden spells, limits, and even battles with demons from another dimension!

Target Publishing Date: June 2016

What do you get?

Becoming a Beta Reader has a few benefits, such as:

  1. Getting early access to the book (to edit)
  2. Your name in the book under the "Acknowledgements" section
  3. Allowing your feedback to guide the flow of the book
  4. ...and a few more

What is expected?

In short, you are volunteering your time to help develop a better book. I've already done the first hard part (the manuscript), now for the second hard part (the editing). I can only do so much, so I'm relying on my fellow Beta Readers to make this book from good to great!

When going through the manuscript, please keep note of any issues/errors/typos/etc that you may find. After you are done, I will be asking a few questions, such as "Could you relate to the main character?" or "Were there obvious plot holes?", and other questions to help shape the story flow. You do not have to answer all of the questions, but the more you answer, the more feedback I can get.

Still with us? GREAT!

If the above hasn't scared you away yet, then please provide some basic information to apply to be a Beta Reader, and I will notify everyone when the manuscript is done.

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